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We Roof Philly Blog: What Can Roofers Do for You--Besides Fix Your Roof?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

It's no surprise that a roofer is what you need when you have problems with your roof--I mean, it's right there in the name! But what about other issues?

You might not know it, but your roofer is the person to call for a myriad of exterior home repairs. You already expect them on the top of your house, but what about around the sides? What about roofers working right on your front door?

Here, we'll outline the obvious and not-so-obvious things you might call trustworthy roofers, like those from We Roof Philly, to fix, improve, or modernize for your home or investment property.

Skylight Capping

Let's start at the top. Skylights are on your roof, so maybe it seems obvious to you that roofers would be the ones to call if you're having trouble with leaks, capping, or covering. In case this hadn't occurred to you, though, (or if you just never thought about it) let's discuss the things a roofer can do for you and your skylight.

First of all, if you don't have a skylight and want one, that's a job for a roofer. Skylights are a great addition that can make cramped spaces feel more open and bright and can increase the value of your property. They are heavy, though, so you'll wanted expert roofers like those at We Roof Philly to do the work so you're sure your roof is reinforced if needed and the structure is properly supported.

If you have a skylight already, you might be aware that skylights that aren't well maintained can be a way into your home for water, as well as a way out for your heating or cooling, causing a huge uptick in your utility bills. If your skylight is leaking or no longer as energy efficient as it should be, there's a good chance the capping needs to be replaced. That's the stuff that goes around the edges, sealing it to your roof. A roofer is just the person you need for such a job. (You can see an expert capping job by We Roof Philly above.)

But what if you are just done with that skylight all together? That's generally not a problem--your roofer can help you with covering it completely. This is often something homeowners choose when a skylight no longer works with new renovations, doesn't suit their home design ideas any longer, its upkeep isn't worth the trouble anymore, or it isn't something you want to deal with for an investment property. No matter which category you fit in, your roofer is the one to call to help you get your skylight situation exactly where you want it.

Chimneys, Drains, and Downspouts, Oh My!

There are actually a lot of fixtures up the roof that roofers can work on for you.

If your chimney leaks, that very well could be an issue for your roofer to resolve. If your flat roof isn't draining, it's not always because there's an issue with the roof itself, but could be due to an issue with the drain--which of course your roofer is happy to take care of for you. And where does that water go when your roofer has it draining successfully again? Into your downspout, which your roofer is also happy to repair or replace for you. Finally, if you've got a gutter issue--you guessed it--it's your roofer you should call.

There are a lot of things on top of your house you might not think about much until you encounter a problem with them. Luckily, Roofers like We Roof Philly, who have over 30 years in the business, have expertise which extends to all the secondary roof systems you might need work on.


Let's move away from the roof and talk about the sides of your home--more specifically, the siding. You may not think of roofers when it comes to your walls, but talented, trusted roofers like those at We Roof Philly can be your first call and best choice for the job.

If your siding is damaged, it can be a big problem for the weatherproofing and insulation of your home, not to mention its curb appeal. Getting your roofers on the job as soon as possible will help you save time and money down the road, as well as ensuring you have a house that looks as good as you feel living in it. Above, you can see the dramatic difference between the before and after photos of We Roof Philly's work on this home's siding.


Moving along, here's something we covered this already in our "Common Roof Issues" post, but it bears repeating that exposed wood anywhere on your house is an invitation to rodents who are looking for a nice, dry place to build a nest--and your home is just what they're looking for!

In the picture on the left and the top right picture, you can see where homes have some exposed wood that, in addition to not looking as clean and polished as the preferred exterior materials would, gives vulnerability to the home, as rodents can easily burrow through this comparatively softer and less resistant material. (The bottom right picture shows the home after We Roof Philly installed flashing--metal covering the inner layer of wood--which provides the home with both improved aesthetics and an extra layer of defense.)

Porch Roofs

Your porch roof is still a roof, so it's no surprise that your roofers are some of the best people to call if you need to replace, repair, update, or modernize it.

Here, you can see a before, during, and after of We Roof Philly's handiwork on a customer's porch roof that improved the porch's weatherproofing as well as updated the home's overall look and feel. Your porch is often someone's first impression of your home, after all, so why not put your house's best face forward? Your roofers can help you get there.

Window and Door Capping

Finally, in our "Roof Pitfalls" post, we covered the roofing problems people sometimes forget to consider, and window and door capping is often one of those things.

Leaks aren't always from the roof itself--aged or damaged capping, whether it's around your windows or above or around your doors, can often be the culprit.

Trusted roofers like those at We Roof Philly can perform a leak test and help you deduce just where exactly leaks are coming from in your home, which means they might surprise you by ruling out your roof and pointing, instead, to your capping.

Luckily, it's also something that your roofers can fix for you, which will give your home improved weatherproofing, better energy efficiency, and update the look of your house at the same time. Above, you can see the stark difference in the before and after of We Roof Philly's work on this home's window capping.

The Takeaway

Having a roofer you can trust is something every homeowner can appreciate the immense value of. At We Roof Philly, the work is reliable and completed with quality craftsmanship every time, and all dealings with customers are based in integrity and respect from beginning to end. We Roof Philly provides photos to keep customers informed of the state of their home and the work that's being done, and they pride themselves on keeping the lines of communication open throughout the job and are happy to answer any and all questions their clients may have.

When you find someone like that, it's natural to wonder if there's more they can do for your home. In this case, thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes!


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Oct 28, 2021

Roofers or roof repair experts can fix all roofing problems just give them a call and they will resolve all the roofing issues for you.

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